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[14 Sep 2011 | 71 Comments | ]
Get Backlinks That Are Automated, Relevant and Panda Friendly

We all work hard to get backlinks to our sites, in fact, it’s probably the most time consuming job we all have to perform to help our websites succeed.
Here’s a heads-up on a link building WordPress plugin that I’ve been using and have seen great results with. In fact, it’s one of the best WordPress plugins I’ve ever seen.
Not only will it build automatic backlinks, it’ll build backlinks that do it all: link juice, authority, traffic and long-life in one mega-SEO hit.
How to Get Backlinks Automatically
The plugin is called Digi …

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[7 Sep 2010 | 56 Comments | ]
Keyword Research – How to Blow Away Your Competition

Keyword research forms the basis of ALL your SEO.

Think about it…you use your keywords in every aspect of online marketing. This makes keyword research extraordinarily important!

There are a lot of keyword tools on the market, or you can simply use the Google Keyword Tool like millions of other people.

Which means you’ll be using the same keywords to rank your site as millions of other people. That makes competition pretty rough.

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[18 Aug 2010 | 44 Comments | ]
The SEO Doctor Is In

If you’re a regular visitor then you must have noticed the Diva’s newest facelift. The old one did not project the right personality, In fact I’ve detested it for months, so I spent an entire weekend working on this new theme, which I love!

However, when I put SEO Doctor to work, I was shocked to discover my grade was in the 70s, and of course I immediately got busy trying to figure out what was wrong with the site (the Diva should have 100% after all!).

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[23 Sep 2009 | 44 Comments | ]

I feel like I’ve become Sears, and September is tools month! But I’ve sure come across some handy ones, lately.
Here is one I think you’ll like – simple to use, great information. If the info was downloadable I’d be extra happy. According to the Alexa site, they claim to get the search date through several ISPs, retrieving millions of searches on several search engines. (They would have to kill you if they told you any more than that).
It’s called KeywordIndex. They keywords are straightforward – no synonyms. Below is a …