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The Importance of Landing Pages

1 February 2011 38 Comments
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    Landing pages can make it or break it for your website visitors. Ideally ‘calls to action’ should be on the landing page but not more than 1-3 clicks away from landing pages in order to be effective.

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      poor landing page and not related to keyword search can break your site. landing page must be simple and related, not too heavy or it will buffering your site. so visitor will simply click close button if they see complicated landing page.

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  • http://www.hormonehgh.org STEVE

    Thanks for the great article on landing pages…I guess it’s time to do my homework and break down my pages.

  • http://adiamor.com Sarah Harris

    Thanks for this piece about landing pages. I think they are important, but even more important, something I find terribly annoying when visiting certain sites, is the lack of ease in trying to contact someone. Many pages of course have a ‘contact’ page, but so many don’t. And they don’t have an email address to just easily send them a quick email about a comment or question. I understand not wanting spam, but you need to be available to readers.

    • Anonymous

      @Sarah – that is one of my pet peeves. No one should have to search all through a site to figure out a way to contact someone.

  • Anonymous

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  • http://www.metrodesk.com.bd Giacomopittalis

    This is a very useful article to show at every customer when he asks “why do i have to create a new page for this… i already have my site”!
    It happen very often that client with a good message in their ppc campaign find out a bounce rate very hight and the real solution is always the same: differenciate the ppc messages and create various landing pages.

    • Anonymous

      @Giacomopittalis – I agree, customers often don’t understand the need for new pages.

  • Bilalimran134

    thanks for adding the same picture like my pet tonny ………lolz

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    Landing pages are definitely a crucial element of conversions. People are pressed for time and want instant gratification on the web. If the landing page doesn’t have what they were looking for they might not care to take the time to look around. Most likely they will bounce right out of there.

  • http://www.guaranteedrankings.com Guaranteed SEO

    We keep hearing about Search Engine Optimisation. Its good to hear people talking about landing page optimisation as well.

  • http://www.razorpixels.co.uk Web Design Surrey

    This is a great article – landing pages have always been my primary focus when it comes to seo for all my clients’ sites. It is definitely the most effective of all the methods.

  • http://www.trufortebusinessgroup.com Florida Business Brokers

    Thanks for sharing your insight. Definitely some good stuff to think about. I can see how important of role have good landing pages can be especially if people your landing on pages and not finding what they are looking for

  • http://www.doyleraizner.com/Insurance-Disputes-Lawsuits/Insurance-Bad-Faith.shtml Shandra

    Thank you for writing this article, now we can just send our clients to this one so they will understand how important it is to have specific landing pages for their different client needs…

  • http://www.vennercorp.com Guildford

    The landing page is the most inportant aspect. even if your site is no1 on google, if your landing page is a turn off then all the hard seo work is a wast of time.

  • http://endemotionalaffair.com/ Ex-Emotional Affair Guy

    Great article. Still in the learning process of creating great landing pages, and you sure have created a lot of shining light bulps in my head.

  • http://www.accordsoft.in/ sabrina88

    Thanks..the great article some good stuff to think about…

  • Anonymous

    Good article because this aspect of the SEO/SEM strategy is often overlooked. Most people are caught up in measuring CTR, number of visitors, etc. that they omit analyzing their bounce rates, exit pages, etc. I see it happen all the time and I don’t understand it. There’s no point in having 100 visitors and 1 sale when you can have 50 visitors and 5 sales. So spend more of your time creating sticky landing pages people!!!

    • Anonymous

      @VladRascanu – Very good point…the whole purpose of the site is to make a sale in most cases. I agree that analyzing exit pages can be very enlightening. Another blog post in the making.

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  • http://www.doyleraizner.com/Insurance-Disputes-Lawsuits/Insurance-Bad-Faith.shtml Shaw Margot

    Very effective article! It is detailed and precise. I agree that every website should have a landing page that explains or gives an idea what’s it’s all about when someone visits it. Just by looking at its landing page should give a customer an overview of what it can do for them.

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  • Simon

    Landing pages are no longer a good form of SEO Google caught on to the fact that companies were building hundreds of them and now they don’t like seeing them I have been testing a new form of programming for the past 12 months and can get front page listings in as quickly as 3 weeks in a local market place and 12 weeks on a nationwide level.

    • http://www.storiesabout.us seodiva

      @Simon, I think it depends on what type of landing page they’re using. In the best of SEO worlds each interior page of the site will rank for a designated keyword, contain the information the visitor is looking for, and include a call to action.

      • http://www.nddw.com/ SEO Company India

        I totally agree with you seodiva, each page can and should rank individually, that is what the aim /task should be of every SEO expert.

        • L.F.D.Y

          In that sense yes. What I was talking about was something different when I first started in seo we used to use 100′s of landing pages that only had 1 keyword that would just redirect clients to the proper site. It was a fast way to rank. Plus it built 100′s of links for your site. Then Google released Caffeine and that was the end of that.

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