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8 SEO Tips in a Panda World

20 November 2011 31 Comments

SEO Tips Google PandaIn this Panda world I’ve been taking courses and doing some serious research and study on how to get/keep top Google rankings.

SEO has changed a lot, although some things never change – good onsite optimization means you don’t have to worry about every little update – your site will be solid.

The Panda update did make everyone step up their game, though, especially in Google Places and link building. I spent 2 solid months researching, studying and revising my SEO methods to conform to the Panda world.

Here are my Top SEO Tips after Panda

Onsite SEO

  1. Increase the content of your pages and posts. At least 500 words, and 700 if possible. Make sure you use good grammar and check your spelling. Points off if you don’t do a good job there, just like in English class.
  2. If you don’t have videos on your site, add them. You can get videos from YouTube about anything at all. Better yet, make your own. You can do that easily by converting a PowerPoint into a video. The one on this page was put together very quickly using these instructions. It’s not the best but I wanted to show you what you can do using free products.
  3. If your business is local, create and upload locations.kml  and geositemap.xml files to your root folder. Here’s a handy dandy geositemap generator. It also explains what to do once they’re created.

Google Places SEO

  1. If you have a local business then you need to get busy if you expect to compete. I seriously suggest having an SEO specialist do this for you. There are many details within a Google Places listing that can help you rank well, or kill your listing. On top of that, what worked before doesn’t work now.
  2. Make certain you hire someone who is experienced and can show proof of ranking businesses…there are a lot of people who claim to be SEO experts but are not. Don’t waste your money or worse, your chance to be competitive.

Link Building

  1. Article marketing is still good, but make certain your content is valuable and not just rehashed crap. Also, longer is better. Ezine requires 400 and sometimes 600 words in an article. I suggest at least 700 if possible.
  2. Videos videos videos. Google loves them. You don’t have to show your face in them either, so if that part bothers you like it did me, just provide information.
  3. Social media is becoming ever more important. You need to have the following for your business: Facebook, Twitter, Linked In. Blog posts or articles should go to FB and Linked In, as well as Tweeted. There are tools you can use to automate this.

Google is asking us to provide more quality information in a variety of communication methods. This actually should not be too hard if your website is a business, because there are always plenty of things to talk about, explain, announce, demonstrate, and offer. Think of who, what, when, where and why.

If you’re an IM’er you have to provide more content and be smarter about your back linking. You need a plan; just winging it won’t get you far at all.

It’s time to take Internet marketing seriously. Local businesses need to cancel their yellow pages ads and put that money into their websites and online marketing efforts. The competition already has.

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    • Anonymous

      Jake, connect your site with its own Twitter and FB (page) accounts. Every time you post an article put a link on Facebook and Tweet it.

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    Hi, nice article . But i would like to ask 2 things – first is what made you think like having videos on site can help after Panda and second is what is your stand on article marketing. Quality content is OK. But what do you think about submitting same article in more than 1 directory or submitting it into 30-40 directories? Also after Ezine what are some other reputed directories to submit your article in?

    • Anonymous

      Good questions Daniel. Google is featuring more social media sites in search results. Also, just try putting a video on a page and see what happens.. that page will most likely do better than any other page on your site.
      In answer to your second question, I also use Squidoo, Zimbio and Hubpages. Spun content is not something you want to put on your main site, but is often sent to “junk” directories. It won’t hurt and it may add to the quantity of links to your site.

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      Are you familiar with Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)? Here is an explanation I found online: What LSI is, in basic and non-mathematical terms, is the ability for the search engine to search for websites on the Internet the same way a human would. In other words, the search engine looks for relevance and quality, rather than just keywords or links going in and out of the site.

      So don’t worry too much about “diluting” your keywords. Just keep your article on topic and you’ll be good to go.

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