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Pack a Punch – Powerful, Cheap Directories

4 November 2008 19 Comments

inbound link building Inbound link building strategy calls for a variety of types of links for best results. Directories are not the ultimate in back links, but you should have at least a few directory links.

The big directories, like Yahoo, Business.com, and even BOTW, are pretty expensive for most of us. Check out Search Engine People’s Top 25 Most Powerful Web Directories List that features sites that are cheaper but still pack a punch when it comes to your site’s search engine rankings.

  • http://www.buyacyclovir-online.com Randy

    I believe that directory baclinks are useful from my experience I haven’t seen any improvement using this link building strategy, I guess maybe because of the keywords I’m aiming to. You kind find directories submission really cheap and I don’t think SE appreciate this

  • http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=122588 Ange

    Directory siubmission is a great part of Link Building and doing it you’ll definitely get some backlinks and Incoming links to a site are the most important part for gaining ranking in SE.The list of directories is good. Its very useful coz I’ve used almost of them.

  • http://www.canimakebigmoneyonline.com/ George

    In the past I have used directory submissions to help with SEO link development. I haven’t done it much recently. I will check out their list to see if there are any I haven’t submitted to.

    Georges last blog post..How To Build An Email List Fast

  • http://www.webtlk.com Web Talk

    i have submitted my blog to many directories. sadly most of them require a link or some sort of banner to their site. i dont like it because their banner looks very unprofessional on my blog. As far as DMOZ i have not manage to be listed there despite i tried three times…any suggestion on why they didnt accept my blog??

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  • http://www.customretirementplanning.com Retirement Planning

    That looks like a pretty promising list of directories for backlinks,. Thanks for the post.

  • http://my-house-stuff.com/pages/SEO-Elite-Review SEOElite

    Traditional Directories are no longer effective in my opinion and not worth the prices one spend on them. I think the new alternative to them is link bidding directories they work good for me and always with PR

  • http://www.marketingminefield.co.uk Business Marketing

    That’s certainly an interesting list of directories – I hadn’t heard of a number of them. Google’s been downgrading the strength and importance of many directories but it just goes to show that there are quite a few good ones still out there.

  • http://www.directsaleswebmarketing.com Dennis Edell

    Hey thanks for the link. I’ll try to report back any progress. :)

    Dennis Edells last blog post..100 RSS Subscribers – It’s Happy Dance Time!

  • adsense tips

    Thanks for List. I’ll try out these directories. Can you share powerful free directories with us ?

  • http://www.hsbc.co.uk/1/2/personal/current-accounts account

    Just been going trough the list of directories but some of them appear to be expensive rather than cheap as expected. Will have to dig deep to survive in this business. Thanks.

  • http://www.canimakebigmoneyonline.com/ George

    Directories still help with SEO. Just not as much as they once did.

    Georges last blog post..How To Build An Email List Fast

  • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

    @Randy – I think they’re usefu.

    @Tertius – were you able to get onto DMOZ? I think directories help, but not as much as in the past.

    @Alek SEO – I hope they help.

    @Ange – that’s good to know – thanks for your input.

    @George – I’ve used some of these; they seem to help.

    @Web Talk – I never provide a reciprocal link; I’d rather pay a fee. As far as my experience goes, DMOZ in pretty much impossible to get listed in.

    @Retirement Planning – you’re welcome.

    @SeoElite -I haven’t tried link bidding directories; why do you think they’re better?

    @Business Marketing – I hadn’t heard of some of them, either, which is why I found the list interesting.

    @Dennis – please do!

    @adsense tips – Not sure which free directories work – anyone have any that they like?

    @Press Release – I would only use a couple or so – in an addition to other link building.

    @account – I think “cheap” is relative – compared to Yahoo and Business.com ($299 each) they’re cheap.

    @George – I agree…

  • http://carhiresanford.co.uk/ Car Hire Sanford

    Nice list, I am not sure whether directories are as powerful as before, still thanks for sharing
    And can you share some good free directories also. Thanks

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  • http://www.squidoo.com/LG-BD300 Carrie

    Thanks for the list. I see one directory that is in one of my niches, so I’ll definitely be investigating it further.

  • SEO Tips South Africa

    @Web Talk. I agree that DMOZ is extremely valuable, yet nigh impossible to get into. Some black hatters suggested bribing DMOZ editors as a way in…..that’s how tough it can be getting listed.

  • http://www.kittelsoncarpo.com/outsourcing-consulting-philippines Outsourcing Philippines

    Directories are important and useful especially when the content of the site you promote is really good and worth looking or visiting. By the way thanks for placing the link of web directories it will give us more resources.

  • http://xlgroupblog.com/tag/roger-hamilton Roger Hamilton

    Thanks for the link! Really useful!

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  • http://www.blogseo.com Blog SEO

    I personally believe that directories are undervalued these days. Of course, they do not help as much as they used to. But if you can find a way to get cheap (or free) posts, then do so. Great list! Thanks

  • http://www.GoldenWebDesign.com Affordable WebDesign

    Great list. Much appreciated