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Keyword Research for the Lazy

30 June 2008 5 Comments

GTrends Looking for an easy way to do keyword research -  find popular niche keywords, get an accurate number of keyword searches, and get an instant analysis?

GTrends SE is a terrific tool that costs a mere $27 and does all this and more.

Some of the features you’ll love with this software:

  • Instantly know which keywords are potentially profitable
  • Sort the keyword list any way you like
  • Export the list to Excel
  • Do in-depth research on interesting keywords
  • Get more information – searches per day, competition, KEI and more

When used in conjunction with the free Firefox Wordtracker Keyword Grabber extension, it works seamlessly with Wordtracker’s free GTrends Tool.

I grabbed GTrends SE the minute I saw it and find it’s super easy to use, and kind of fun too, if you’re a geek like me!

NOTE: Now that Google is showing number of searches for keywords, this program is no longer being supported.

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  • http://www.directsaleswebmarketing.com/first-ever- Dennis Edell

    Have you found anything that it doesn’t do, that you would like it to do?

    I just like to cover angles before purchase :-)

  • http://www.seodiva.net/ SEO Diva

    @Dennis – So far, no…it’s very easy to use, and gives me the info that I want. For really in depth analysis Nichebot is the way to go, but for most general keyword research this works well. You do need to slow it down for Google, to 12 sec pauses, so you don’t get knocked off.

  • http://www.directsaleswebmarketing.com/first-ever- Dennis Edell

    Excellent info, thanks again. I’ve thought of looking into Nichebot also, but I’m really just getting crackin with KW’s…one of these days soon maybe. :)

  • Drunken Dragon

    I better search HPK on Google :)

  • Brooke

    I think its doing pretty good job that needs from a keyword tool..but i am currently using most of the free tools like-http://www.serpanalytics.com/tools/top_keywords , google keyword tool, yahoo keyword tool and many more but which do you think i should rely more on..i didn’t have found any problem in SERP analytics so i think i should continue with it as well..

    Nice post anyways..

    ‘white horse likes red apples’