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Is Your Site Pretty to Search Engines?

12 July 2011 125 Comments

Pretty is as pretty does. Some websites are quite beautiful to look at, but because of bloated coding, confused navigation, lack of applied SEO principles, corporate-speak  in the content, and so on, they’re not at all pretty to search engines.

WordPress sites do extremely well on the Internet. The coding is minimal, they are easy to optimize and maintain, plugins give them every functionality you could want, and the addition of regular fresh content makes the search engines come back for more.

imageWordPress Owns the Internet

Out of 1 million websites, 55% are WordPress.

That’s an amazing number. Here are some more figures:

– 23,211,650+ WordPress 3.0 downloads

– 12,000+ Plugins

– 1,285+ free themes (it seems like there are millions)

They are also inexpensive to have built. If you have an HTML site, it may be time to upgrade to WP while getting a fresh up-to-date look and current SEO for better search results. If you don’t have the time or knowledge to do it right, check out the client testimonials at Buzz Marketing Pros and then contact me…yes, SEO Diva is making a shameless pitch here for her services.

Small Business Owners: The ROI is Real

Too many small businesses, locally owned and with limited budgets, don’t realize that it doesn’t have to be hugely expensive to do it right online. The return on investment is there. It’s not instant, but give a newly refurbished site a few months and you’ll see an increase in traffic that wants what you offer and converts to sales.

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