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Fast and Easy Way to Build Links to Your Site

13 October 2009 133 Comments

Build links to your site fast! How do you build links back to your site? Do you find your progression slow and time consuming?

Article marketing is a great way to build links to your site, but it can be a tedious process to come up with a volume of unique articles.

Enter a fast and relatively easy way to build a lot of links quickly with article marketing.

Build Links to Your Site Quickly

I am a total fan of Alex Krulik’s Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. I’ve been using both for over a week, building links to my sites like mad! Here’s how they work…

Magic Article Rewriter is a dream to use, especially with the added Magic Tokens database, which automates almost the entire process. You just paste an article into the text box, click on Magic Tokens, and you’ve got an article ready to be spun and distributed. The spun articles are not garbage…they make sense, although I do go through and make corrections, since sometimes the synonyms or replacement phrases don’t quite fit the article.

This is the above paragraph with tokens added, which can be spun into many different versions:

Magic Article Rewriter is a {dream|delight|joy|pleasure|marvel} to {use|utilize|make use of}, {especially|particularly} with the {added|supplementary|additional} Magic Tokens database, {which|that} automates {almost|virtually|nearly} {the entire|the whole|the complete} {process|procedure}. You {just|simply} {paste|insert} an article into the text {box|area}, click on Magic Tokens, and you’ve got {an article|a piece of writing} {ready to|able to|able to} be spun and distributed. The spun articles {are not|aren’t} {garbage|trash|rubbish|nonsense|gobbledygook}…{they|the articles} make sense, {although|though} I do go {through|thru} {and|plus} {make|create} {corrections|changes}, {since|because|as} {sometimes|typically|generally} the synonyms or {replacement|substitute|alternate} phrases {don’t|do not} {quite|entirely|totally} {fit|match} the {article|piece}.

Submit Your Articles to Hundreds of Directories

The companion software to this is Magic Article Submitter. You create a Gmail account specifically for your article submissions, then create a profile for the article directories within the Submitter. It automagically signs you up with up to 700 article directories, and then goes into the Gmail account and activates the accounts (I love that part!). Next, using the wizard, you enter your article into the Submitter, complete with tokens, choose your categories, and it then submits spun articles to the article directories.

The number of directories your articles are actually submitted to depends upon your subject matter and the categories. There’s no point in submitting an article on dog training to a wine article site. Before you ask – I don’t worry about getting too many links at one time. Not all the articles will be accepted, and some will take weeks to get accepted. Some will be filtered out by Google, and that’s okay.

For a much better and more complete explanation of these Elite Article Marketing Tools, click on over to Alex’s site and watch his videos. He’s a great guy, and has taken the time to respond to a couple of issues I had.

After raving about these software programs, I want you to know that this is not a paid article! I just think they are great products and I’m sold on them. I do have an affiliate relationship, but I never promote products unless I have used them and believe they are beneficial to your SEO campaign.

  • http://quick-house-sale.realtors.officelive.com/default.aspx John

    I found your example of how it spins each phrase quite informative. I have to admit that I’ve not yet tried spinning articles – I submit to one of the big directories and then manually spin one or two blogs I own. It’s pretty time-consuming. I’ve made a note of this for future evaluation. Thank you.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Yes, I thought it would be helpful to my readers to see just how an article rewriter spins content.

  • http://www.datamaya.com Jasa SEO

    Some SEO consultants argue that manual submissions (either directory or article) are better than auto-submission. Manual submissions emphasize on quality, while auto submissions emphasize on quantity. What is your preference for better SEO? Thanks.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Jasa – both! I manually submit to directories such as Ezine Articles, GoArticles.com and a few others, then auto-submit to the rest.

  • http://www.associatenest.com/product-reviews/webhosting/sitesell-review.php Site Build It Review

    Great post! i need also this kind of information , this is very helpful distribution but concentrate on unique articles data am right!!!!!!!

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Unique is very important.

  • http://www.lastellablu.com Baby Slings

    Wow, that’s cool! Writing and submitting many articles are sometime stressfull. Especially, in times we lose or can not get ideas to write. Otherwise, submitting articles to hundreds of directories is so boring. I would love to get this one.

  • http://www.abraxasweb.com donnie@Chattanooga Web Design

    Interesting piece of software. This will probably be enough to trick Google into thinking that its original. That may not even be the goal. Sounds like a bit of a shortcut to me, but if it works it works. I’ll think about giving this a try.
    .-= donnie@Chattanooga Web Design´s last blog ..SEO Research & Development =-.

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    Submitting articles to directories requires a lot of time. I don’t know if this is an effective type of campaign but many believed in it.
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    I have used a couple of different article spinners over the last few years. No matter which one you use they all require a lot of work. There are no real shortcuts

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    This almost seems like a fancy thesaurus, but is definitely a new way to look at articles. Interesting stuff. Thanks!

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    This is very informative and good post as it will be useful for all those searching for link building techniques.

  • http://www.Toothygrinsstore.com hydrofloss

    are you saying that the I don’t have to go in and set the tokens, like you do with other software and services? Are you saying that it automatically changes words and phrases at the push of a button?

    Please let me know if that is what you meant, because if so, I think I would be interested!

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Yes, you can set the tokens automatically with the push of a button, which is way cool. However, you still need to review them to make sure they all work for your article…otherwise it can sound a little strange in spots.

  • http://www.tobeinformed.com hydrofloss

    Are you saying that you don’t have to go in and spend 30 minutes manually changing an article around? You can just push a button and all of the tokens are automatically set?

    if that is true, please let me know. I’d like to know…
    .-= hydrofloss´s last blog ..Are Broken Teeth a Natural Part of Aging? =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Yes, this is correct. And I’m sorry your comment is so late showing up…it got caught in the spam filter.

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    I think that a good idea to use Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. It is great software to help for increasing baclink.

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    I have never been a big fan of article spinning software but might give this one a try.
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  • http://ilovethesis.com Ramses

    Your blog is being examined right now and what I’ve seen so far is: Your advice works. You’ve got many backlinks and you are building an authority :-)

    But I recommend not to exaggerate linkbuilding because Google doesn’t like backlinks which are obviously not “organic”…
    .-= Ramses´s last blog ..Another Premium WordPress Theme Making its Headway? =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Problem is, it’s hard to get enough “organic” links oftentimes. If done correctly, these links look organic, especially if you are careful about which article directory categories they are submitted to.

  • http://seoconsultantsdenver.thewebinfocenter.com SEO Denver

    Alright… we’ll give it a try! This does seem like a great way to build truly relevant back links.

  • http://www.celebritycruiselinetips.com Debby

    I’ve used two services that spun articles before, but the results were not that good. I do believe now that it is much important that you do not build up too much links at once, because otherwise they will not be counted. But if you can share some real success storys, than great!
    .-= Debby´s last blog ..Celebrity Cruise Line Experiences – My First Trip: The Southern Caribbean Part 1 =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Debby, I’ve been working it and I’ll write a blog post once I have some stats.

  • http://welly-mulia.com/ Nannetta

    Regarding manual versus automatic submission of articles, I can appreciate that it may be wise to employ the former if you’re dealing with just a few directories. But several hundred? You’d have to be daft not to make use of the latter — I for one would go catatonic otherwise!

    As for article spinners, I’ve heard that they often don’t product very satisfactory results, and I’m not really surprised; automation is wonderful for many things but in some areas it still has its limitations. That said, I think I would find it useful because it would at least give me something to work with. Sure, all that rewriting and revision can be tedious, but given the choice I much prefer that over trying to figure out how to fill up a blank sheet of paper — or screen, rather.
    .-= Nannetta´s last blog ..Repurposing Content – And A New Caricature! =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      It sure is helpful for me. My next purchase is going to be Dragon Naturally Speaking, so I don’t even have to type it!

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    the re-writer tool is really helpful.

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  • http://www.weknowurban.com Will Daly

    Hi Kay,

    Have you tried out the Magic Tokens feature of this tool yet? If so, do you like it enough to recommend it? Thanks. Will Daly, your high rise condo specialist in Phoenix

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Hi Will! Yes, I have Magic Tokens. Most of the time it works like a charm; on some topics the substitutions don’t work as well. I think it was money well spent – I still review everything but it does save some time…and time is money :)

  • http://www.park-safety-equipment.com Javier Martinez

    I am fairly new to the world of SEO. I have read on several sites, which Google penalizes these techniques. Is this true?

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Not if you do it right…you want the articles to all read like quality content. I don’t know how Google would track all these articles back to you, anyway.

  • http://www.expertoenseo.com/ Alex Kei

    Writing articles as a way to build backlinks is a very tedious process. I would rather prefer to write articles for direct traffic. There are definitely better and “easy” ways to get quality backlinks.

    …Just my humble opinion.


    Alex Kei
    .-= Alex Kei´s last blog ..Experto en SEO: Existe tal cosa? =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      It is tedious, Alex, that’s why I like to use these tools. I get a variety of “types” of backlinks; article marketing is just one way. Feel free to tell us your secrets :)

  • http://www.vidli.com Blue Footed Boobies

    SEO DIVA – this is a great tool. I’ve heard there’s software out there that rewrites the article then posts it to blogs. Have you used anything like that…?

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      No, those seem kind of scary to me…by the time the article is automatically rewritten it sounds like gibberish.

  • http://vidli.com vidli

    It’s not gibberish actually – it’s the same setup as the software above. You just have to know how to write it..

    I’m going to use it for some anchor tags like online video and video licensing. I’ll let you know how it works out…Email me offline and I’ll send you over details…

  • http://www.reclinerfactory.com Riser Recliner

    Nice post – I always add articles to our site first, then spin them for directories

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      That’s typically what I do too.

  • http://websitepenghasiluang.blogspot.com/2009/11/mengembalikan-jati-diri-bangsa-ini.html ane

    I use social bookmarking to get backlink…but this tool seem good, I’ll try it

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    Yes, looks like a good tool to help get more benefits, will surely try this!

  • http://www.adzey.com Jake

    Hi mate,
    Just thought I’d let you know that I’m browsing your site on a teeny-weeny netbook screen (using flock browser) and your site looks a bit weird. The Ads are sticking out of the modules. I’m sure it’s just because of the small screen but a lot of people are browsing with netbooks these days so perhaps you should look into it.
    Sorry if I’ve ruined your Saturday evening!

    PS.It’s just the adverts at the top of the page, the ads are sticking out of the boxes.
    .-= Jake´s last blog ..Adzey.com-über targeted advertisment =-.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Hi Jake, thanks for letting me know- I’ll check into making this blog more netbook friendly!

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    Thanks for this article as I am in the process of my SEO campaign for my web design business and I am doing the article marketing as a next step. This info really helps me to be more productive.

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  • http://www.duniajudi.com/ Taruhan Bola

    You said that the Magic submitter tool signs us up too 700 article directories and that it itself activates the accounts. Is it really true, sounds too good to be true

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Yes, although you won’t actually want to use all the directories for every article. As it turns out, I was only able to register with a little over 500 (!) directories, and depending upon the category of the article, it may only submit to anywhere from 15 to 200 or so directories. Even if it’s 15 directories, though, it saves me a great deal of time, so it’s worth it.

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    But before you try this tool..can it create real unique article content? I have try one of article submitter for free but I have got an error
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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      To get it right, you have to review the article tokens – you could use “as is” but then some of it won’t make as much sense, although this one doesn’t put out gibberish like some do.

  • http://www.timepicks.com Appointment Software

    Hey thank’s for the tips will you suggest me if i have placed one article into 20 to 30 article submission sites than it create some problem. But my website ranking is not on 1st page but my article is visible on 1st page please suggest me what is that.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      If your article is visible on the first page that’s great! This happens sometimes, that your article or lens or whatever ranks higher than your web site, at least temporarily. But you should re-evaluate your site to see if it’s SEO’d as well as it should be.

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  • http://ttam1989.wordpress.com Matthew

    Yeah I would agree with you SEO diva submitting unique articles to different article directories is one way in generating quality inbound links. Aside from that you can also do social bookmarking submission and directory submission too. And also blog commenting is essential too.
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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      I totally agree with you Matthew!

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    Do you have opinion about blog comment vs submit article to article directory?
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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Blog comments can be useful for backlinks and can also bring in traffic if placed on a relevant blog, but a good article carries more weight and can rank on the first page of search results.

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    Getting a relevant back link is very important now days because major search engines count this. Thanks for tips on Directory Submission, this can be a very good resource to get back links.