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Bing and Google Side by Side

9 June 2009 55 Comments

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about and tried Bing, Microsoft’s rebranded Live search engine.

I’m not going to rehash all the pros and cons that everyone else has covered by now. I do want to talk about a site I found where you can compare Bing and Google results right next to each other.


It’s cleverly named Bing & Google, and it’s interesting to type in your keywords and compare the two side by side. I liked the results I got for “seo diva” (which btw is not my goal keyword) much better in Google than in Bing. Since Google serves up about 80% of all searches, that’s fine with me.

Nevertheless, MSN searchers tend to be older and generally more affluent, so if that’s your target market it is in your best interest to rank well in Live Bing.

This hearkens back to the Baby Boomer marketing issue. Since most PCs are sold with the MSN search function toggled as the default, older and less sophisticated web searchers tend to use it as their address bar. They have no idea there is an actual address bar at the top of the page. In fact, I’m surprised MSN doesn’t reflect a higher percentage of searches just because of that.

Anyway, how do you rank better in MSN’s current search engine? The MSN search engine algorithms seem to place more weight on keywords and content than on the inbound links that Google likes, although they still definitely help. This doesn’t mean you should amp up the keyword density in your site’s content; that could blow you out of the rankings on Google, which nobody wants. I do recommend you review your content, making sure the keywords you want to rank for are there. If your site is light on content, you may want to add more. And since MSN places more emphasis on Meta tags, make sure they reflect the keywords you’re reaching for.

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    This is a great way to compare the search engines. Thanks for all the tips.

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      You’re welcome. I thought it was kind of cool. It’s another way to gain some insight into how the various search engines work.

  • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

    It was just the opposite for me, but I agree, either way Google does a better job.

  • http://www.landoflicorice.co.uk Low fat confectionery

    Hi Everyone!
    I read more about Microsoft’s newly launched search engine bing, but i think it it can’t beat
    the google, becoz google is the big daddy of all search engines out there. But it may be the
    best competitor for google..

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Low fat – yep, the Goog is big daddy lol! Now I have to go see about that yummy black licorice you sell!

  • http://www.seosumo.com Miami SEO

    Excellent side by side comparison. Speaking of which, did you see usercentric.com’s eye tracking study on Google and Bing SERPs? http://bit.ly/P3N07

    Bing captures the first couple sentences of the page for display in the SERPs…which means writing really strong and attractive copy is critical. Clickability can definitely be maximized on Bing (from an SEO perspective) more so than live search….which presents all kinds of opportunities for marketers.

    I’m really excited to see how much of an impact Bing has on the search marketing industry. Might you be inclined to write a follow up article after bing’s been on the market for a few months?

    Adding this post to bookmarks for sure. great resource!

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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Miami SEO – yes, I did see that, and I like the way the display those page sentences. And you’re right, it means good copy, especially at the beginning of the page, is very important.

      Good idea – I will write a follow up in two or three months…I’ll be following client progress on there.

  • http://hsenag.info/category/tech-news/bing-decision-engine/ BIng Tips

    Bing though microsoft cleverly named it has the same search results like live search. it doesn’t still get a better algorithm i guess.

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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Bing Tips – Nope, still the same algorithm as far as I can tell. Just a new face.

  • http://www.getlinkspro.com Jeet

    New theme, I didn’t see the last 2 posts and couldn’t vote :(

    Anyways, I have been comparing ‘conversions’ for live vs. yahoo vs. google traffic. Live traffic does convert well. I don’t get much traffic but number of page views for these users are higher.

    Jeets last blog post..Manual Directory Submission

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Interesting, Jeet, thanks for letting us know.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAHw6nCy5To Dermify

    First of all, that side is awesome! … or at least funny / novel (for now). I did some searches and generally found the Google side to be more relevant (or at least I liked what I saw more).

    Don’t know if any of you have heard this yet (it’s attributed to Seth Godin)… Bing stands for:



    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      That’s hilarious!

  • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

    Herbal – usually it’s easier to rank in MSN!

  • http://localorganicsearchranking.com David Bruce Jr

    Great Post, you wrote:

    “Nevertheless, MSN searchers tend to be older and generally more affluent, so if that’s your target market it is in your best interest to rank well in Live Bing.”

    I hadn’t thought of that … so I should retool my ad copy to be slanted more towards the generation older than me (I’m 51 btw)

    I think your assessment is correct!

    You wrote:
    “Since most PCs are sold with the MSN search function toggled as the default, older and less sophisticated web searchers tend to use it as their address bar. They have no idea there is an actual address bar at the top of the page. In fact, I’m surprised MSN doesn’t reflect a higher percentage of searches just because of that.”

    I knew that part.. it just didn’t occur to me that the demographics of Live and Bing were older.
    I’ll tailor some of my blog posts on the 70 or so niche blogs I operate towards that demographic and see how that converts.

    I didn’t know (or it hadn’t occurred to me) that big G is inbound link-centric in terms of SEOing a higher position and Bing/Yahoo were not.

    So far the only way I know to get higher in Live is to social bookmark with addthis because it has the live bookmark button. Wish I knew an additional strategy. (outside of meta tags)


  • http://www.easigo.co.uk/ Kitty Third party claims

    Ya really google is the big daddy in “GYM” Google, Yahoo, Msn and the Microsoft is the
    top in software field. But i don’t think bing can down the profit of google
    and increase own visitors. Because google has the 70% market of online advertising..

  • http://www.trade-show-guru.com/about/ Trade Show Guru

    hey Kay,
    I like google. It just works (even if it doesn’t think my site should be number 1 for my keywords :) ). I tried Bing once and didn’t like it. I think MS has it’s work cut out for it. My vote is for google.
    BTW, I agree on “yummy black licorice” That’s one of my favorite candies! ~ Steve, the licorice-lovin’ trade show guru

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    Good joke is should say! Google and Bing side by side. I just cannot imagine how it could be. Google cannot be compared to any one.As we all know Google is the king of the web and it will takes decades to come near for Bing near Google.

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  • http://www.brochure-design-india.com Sourav

    i liked the site bing and google.where is yahoo by the way

  • http://www.stockmarketforbeginners.co.uk/ stock market basics

    Bing side by side of Google…lolzzz….How it is possible please someone make me understand?. It has been just a few months for Bing and it standing side by side of Google.

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  • http://forum.pcsecurityworld.com PC Security Forum

    Bing is more powerful than Live search or MSN and is improved greatly…..It’s going to be very serious contender to Google

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    some of my new blogs get a better rank at Bing SERP than at Google’s
    I just dunno why…

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    • http://advertisingsecretweapon.blogspot.com David Bruce Jr

      I’m faring better under Bing than I was under Live or MSN Search.

      The SEO clients I promote are ranking much better now that it’s Bing… and I too am not sure why (but I like it:)

  • http://www.nextgen-design.co.uk web design leeds

    although bing has improved, google will always be peoples first choice

  • http://coolproducts.com Cool Gifts

    Until Bing can nail down their algorithm and get everything in order, I’d say it’s still best to optimize for Google. Like you said, the majority of search traffic comes from Google for the time being, so don’t start optimizing for a search engine that is still very young. It could hurt your business, big time.

  • http://www.knowledgetrain.co.uk/project-management-training-course-prince2-practitioner-exam.php prince2 exam

    Well I have played around with Bing for a while, and honestly it is not so different from MSN, or any better. Bing is not Google, it is probably because it can never be.

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    cool!.. anything tha saves me time is always good

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    Highly addictive, if I did not have to work this is what I would be doing…

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    The comparison of both good search engines like this looking really good.
    But it seem to me that no one can beat the Google. He’s always the favorite in all

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    Bing looks like a promising search engine, but in my opinion, it’s nothing spectacular. Google is still the best search engine for the updated results and searches on almost anything you need.

  • http://www.mediacontour.com Media Contour

    Bing seems to be getting more like Google everyday. This tool proves it. Besides the search history sidebar (which is helpful? how does Bing differentiate itself from Google besides providing a more artistic homepage?

  • https://twitter.com/seo83 Seo83

    I like bing, because it restrict the adult search to everyone. Really a good venture from Microsoft..

  • http://www.docx.net .docx

    Bing is really cool to me, all my sites rank number 1 in there field!

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    Is this some kinda joke? Google and Bing side by side. How can this happen? It may take years for Bing to come nearer to Google.

  • http://massage-chairs-info.blogspot.com Tracy

    I too have always wondered why MSN searches were not higher since it is the default on most PCs out of the box. Everyone I know over 50 with a computer does not change it and yet they do use the internet daily as the younger gens do.

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    In my opinion Bing may be denagerous competitor for Google, but who knows…
    Google has very strong position so we must wait and keep an eye on MSN

  • http://adscendmedia.com CPA Affiliate Network

    I definitely prefer Google over any other search engine, but it has it’s quirks. The rankings for our keywords jump back and forth constantly. We’ve slipped to second page before on our own name- below forum posts that simply have our name in a signature. Bing’s algorithm seems a bit simplistic, but at times that’s a plus.

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    I’ve been using bing for a while now just to get a feel for the new search engine and I have to agree that it is still the same, it is just that the layout and the name is changed… Oh yeah, anyone feel a bit cheesy of its overall design and name? Well, I do… For me, Google is still top of the charts and I have to suggest that instead of making new ones, they should just assimilate and be one big company and take over the world… evin grin… >:3

  • http://www.neworleanscondotrends.com Eric Bouler

    People learn very quickly that google is search engine that gives you the best results for now. I will have to check my sites and see how they are doing in Bing. I did notice my pages in Bing ranked better.

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    Yes it is very true that Bing and Google are side by side, and i am sure that no one can deny this. Bing has taken over some of the traffic of Google.The popularity of Bing is increasing day by day and it is a bad sign for Google.

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    i like google,..
    i always try to increase my pagerank there,..
    your post is so useful for me to increase more my pagerank,.
    thank you,..

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    Great information! You are right my friend I have observed that the bing algorithms seem to place more weight on Meta tags and content.

  • http://www.free-iphone3gs.net/blog/ Chris Thomas

    That’s a great tool. I’ve had a play with it and for my main keyword I’m just on page one of google but nowhere on bing – I’m around page seven and I even get sub-pages of my site ranking above my main page. I just hope google doesn’t start using Microsoft’s algorithms or I’m finished!

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  • http://www.workathomecommunity.com Work at home

    Thanks for the article. Do you think that Bing will continue its rise? Meaning, does Bing have staying power, or is it simply another search engine which will be hot and then fade?

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    Thank for a sharing. It’s compare the best.

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    I know it is very difficult for taking over the Google but after seeing on the popularity of the Bing i think there will be a great tough up match !just wait & watch the whole show!the final game has begun!

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    Bing is not gonna defeat the Google for this it will require 100 of trials!

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    People are used to using google, so rarely are interested to move to Bing. But Bing should try … Thanks your information…

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    Great post and nice comparison site. It will be good to know how much search market Bing can take out from Google in the near future. But I guess it can take some time to get more search share as many people are already used to the Google habit. So far I notice that these two search engines have some similarities in the results and Bing is really fast as well. Bing seems to be giving some interesting rankings for some quality content sites although they don’t have too many inbound links, that’s what I’ve seen for some markets.

  • http://wiredgizmo.com gadget reviews

    Why would google join up with microsoft? I thought they were rivals.

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    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      @gadget – They are rivals. An individual set up this site.

  • http://www.city-of-hotels.com/ City of Hotels

    Sorry, the google is better….
    Because it the most popular search engine in the world now.
    Why again?
    Because it uses a unique algorithm – and its search results are always better than at competitors
    It has simple catching design and works really fast

    So here is the answer what is better.

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    well as far as the ranking in bing is concerned… id o agree that content plays a major role for that… however google is the buzz in the search engines …… all most every country in the world uses it… but bing is new…. and with its launch its drawbacks are visible to the people… which decreased its popularity in the niche… so it doesn’t matter for most people…. google is still the leader that no one can deny

    • http://www.seodiva.net Seo Diva

      Yes, Google is still the big guy, even with Bing and Yahoo joining forces.

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    I guess one should concentrate more on genuine and fresh content to rank better in both Google and Bing. Rest since Google has a much larger market share so we can not concentrate more on any other search engine.