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About the Diva

I’m so glad you have discovered my blog.You’ll see that I have become a total nerd, to the degree that I find the ever-changing world of SEO an exciting challenge. As an SEO Consultant I’ve helped many web sites achieve 1st page Google rankings, which always calls for a SHOUT OUT! because it takes a lot of work and effort to reach that page. I hope my experience and ongoing SEO research will help you attain high search rankings for your web site.

From a background of being a Mom, on to creating Arabian horse show costumes, to becoming obsessed with learning HTML, and thence learning SEO and discovering that I actually like it so much I dream of keywords that fit my friends. Well, that can get awkward…

Moving on, I want you to know that, believe it or not, the secret to building a high-ranking web site can be boiled down to three (sort of) simple steps:

1. Build a great web site that’s fast, easy for search engines to find and process, and that is welcoming and easy for visitors to find what they want.. I am currently sold on the WordPress platform for nearly every site that that’s being built these days. It’s an easy way to build a blog, a static site, or both in one. WordPress sites are easy to optimize too.

2. Find the right keywords. Take your time analyzing keywords to determine the best search words that customers will be using to find your site, and incorporate those keyword phrases into the content of your web pages. Keywords tell both visitors and search engines what your page is about.

3. Get the right people to link to you. Links from relevant websites count for a lot. Much of your link building will be done through article marketing on Web 2.0 properties like Zimbio and Squidoo. I can help you figure out how to use those sites to your best advantage.

Remember: Achieving top listings for a top keyword will often take six months to a year of dedicated effort. So be patient, and don’t give up. And remember this too:

Optimists live two years longer than pessimists.
And they’re good years, not middle school years.

Wishing you awesome rankings,

Kay Frenzer-Zeeh