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10 Tips for Researching a Niche for Your Blog

9 July 2010 33 Comments

Researching a Niche There are many things that you should be looking at when you’re considering the development of a niche blog or website. You should be aware of the level of competition as well as have an interest within the field.

Here are some tips and tools to help you discover your niche. Possible niches can be found by using these websites and tips.

1. Magazines There are at least 2000 magazines which are published for niche enthusiasts. There are also trade publications to read and trade organizations to join. Take the time to browse through the magazines, there is surely something which will capture your interest.

2. Amazon Amazon sells absolutely everything and it offers lists of the hottest sellers. Glance at some of the items for which people are searching. Allow yourself to move from topic to topic, since there are some categories which are not as appealing as others. Write down anything that captures your interest, be it a mandolin or a history book.

3. Technorati See what subjects and topics are being offered at Technorati. This site offers a top 100 blog list which will give you a listing of the most popular blogs in the world. You can find out about the possible competition at Technorati.

4. Ebay Pulse Ebay Pulse gives you listings of the hottest topics based on the number of searches done at the site. The Pulse will show you the most watched items in Ebay’s stores. Delve into the numbers and find a niche.

5. Google Trends Google Trends will show you the most popular searches that people are conducting on Google. By inputting your words, you can get an idea of the way that it has trended over time. Are there certain seasons which others are looking for a specific item? This site will inform you.

6. Google Adwords Using your Google account, you can create a Google Adwords account. Google offers many free tools which can help you ascertain the level of competition that you’re facing and get the number of keywords in the field. You can find out how many searches are done on your favorite topics and get an estimate of how much advertisers pay Google per click. Once you have a list of potential niches, here are some things that you should keep in mind.

7. Start with something you enjoy While you were doing research, was there something which stood out? Pick something which fuels your imagination. You will need to put a lot of work into the blog and it is better to be writing about something exciting. Chances are, you also have ties to the community surrounding your interests.

8. Look for the money Look around for potential affiliate programs associated with your niche. Be aware of the rates that advertisers pay. You want to find a lucrative niche.

9. Know about your audience How passionate are the readers within your niche? Do you notice that they congregate at a certain site or forum? Is there anything that you can add to the conversation? Look for an audience who is passionate about their niche.

10. Find the forums There are forums for nearly every niche, but some are more active than others. Join the group in your niche which has the greatest number of members. You want to have more of an understanding about your potential niche as well as use them for marketing.

Finding a great niche takes research and determination. By using all of the tools at your disposal, you will have your blog set up in no time.

During his time as a staff writer for a well know supplier of ink cartridges, James has focused his work to cover news in the design world and reviews of new releases such as the HP 300XL ink cartridge.

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